Should you hire a KonMari Consultant?

Photo Credit: Andy Newbold Photography

A client recently told me that before our first session together, she had spoken about it with a friend of hers. Her friend had told her: ‘why would you hire someone to help you do this? Surely you can read Marie Kondo’s book and do it yourself?’ It’s true, many people have been able to complete their tidying journey on their own but sometimes others may need some support. And they shouldn’t feel guilty about it either.

Tidying is something that we're all expected to do as responsible adults (and children!) but most of us weren't taught how to do it at all. Tidying is a skill and if you find yourself struggling to keep on top of things, it’s perfectly fine to take the time to learn this skill to transform your home, and most importantly, your mindset.

My work as a KonMari Consultant, is more than just supporting clients in decluttering, organising and tidying their homes. Yes, this is part of the process but what I am actually doing is teaching my clients the skills on how to maintain the tidiness in their home to prevent them from relapsing into clutter ever again.

Photo Credit: Andy Newbold Photography

Here are some of the advantages of hiring a KonMari Consultant:

Photo Credit: Andy Newbold Photography
Photo Credit: Andy Newbold Photography
  1. You have a personalised plan that centres around your ideal lifestyle and living environment ~ In our consultation and as part of our first session, we discuss what you are hoping to gain from tidying and tailor-make a plan so you can achieve it.

  2. You schedule blocks of time to tidy your home ~ For people who lead busy lives, it’s difficult to assign blocks of time to tidying. You’re more likely to try and tidy a small space in a short space of time which will mean you’ll be tidying forever. When you book a session with a consultant, you are committing yourself to tidying up and people are often shocked at how much can be achieved in a five hour session together.

  3. A consultant offers vital support and guidance in line with KonMari principles when decluttering and organising seems like an overwhelming task to complete on your own. It is our role to guide you through emotional moments which may come when you’re deciding which belongings you’d like to keep.

  4. Together, we create systems of organisation that ensure you are confident in maintaining your ideal living environment. This is why it is crucial that you attend the session(s). Yes, as professional organisers, we can organise your clutter without you being there but if you are unable to take part in creating the systems of order, then you’re more likely to relapse into clutter again. The truth is, if a KonMari Consultant does their job well, you’ll never have to hire us again!

  5. We hold you accountable! Purchasing ‘storage solutions’ before we start your tidying journey? An ‘Ebay bag’ with items to sell sat in the corner for 5 months following our session? Discarded items sat in boxes in your hall two weeks later? The answer to all of these is a big no-no. It’s our job to ensure you’re officially saying goodbye to the items you’ve discarded once and for all. It’s also our job to teach you how to repurpose items in your home for storage solutions.

Working with a KonMari Consultant is very similar to working with a personal trainer. You hire a personal trainer because you want to get fit and strong, so that you can feel your best. You hire a KonMari Consultant because you want your home to bring you joy, so that you can your best life.