Which areas does Spark Joy London service?

Katrina operates in London zones 1-6 and within the County of Surrey. Working outside of these areas is subject to additional fees and travel expenses.


Who is The KonMari Method™ for?

Whether you want to make better use of your space, are moving house, renovating, expecting a baby or helping a loved one, Katrina, through a series of hands-on KonMari™ tidying lessons, can help you transform your home into one that reflects how you want to live now and in the future. Katrina can assist small businesses whether they are operated from home or commercial premises. Furthermore, Katrina works in schools to work through aspects of The KonMari Method™ to achieve more organised systems and teaches children tidying skills through her KonMari™ Kids programme.


What can I expect from using the KonMari Method™?

The KonMari method™ is not about discarding, it's focused on guiding you through your journey on discovering and keeping the items you love ~ that spark joy.

Some items, although they don’t necessarily spark joy, allow us to experience joy through their practical use. It’s difficult to experience joy when we hold a spatula for example, (unless you’re a chef of course!) but we keep the item because it allows us to prepare food, which ~ dependent on who is cooking ~ brings joy to one's life.


Why should I work with a KonMari™ Consultant?

In this modern world, we often lead complex and busy lives and not everyone is able to read ‘The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up’ and study The KonMari Method™ in detail. Practising The KonMari Method™ requires time and patience so clear guidance from a trained consultant can help you achieve long lasting results.

Katrina is trained to support you through what can be an emotional process and once you have decided the items you are going to keep, she can offer advice on how to store and organise your possessions to create flow within your home.


How do I start my KonMari™ journey?

You begin with a free consultation via telephone, Skype or FaceTime, which lasts up to 30 minutes, where you will discuss your tidying and organisational needs with Katrina, and determine whether this method is suitable for you.

You will be asked questions about your home, your ideal living situation and what you would hope to achieve from our working together. It is your chance to ask any questions you may have. Following our consultation, should you wish to book a Tidying Session, you are able to do so through the Services page on this website.


How many sessions will I need to book?

Katrina always advises a consultation prior to booking your first Tidying Session. During the consultation Katrina will work with you to determine how many sessions you may require. It is not always possible however to give an accurate estimate and jobs may require more sessions/hours than initially thought depending on a variety of factors as each job and client is unique.

The number of sessions is dependent on the following factors:

The size of your home and volume of items to be addressed; The number of categories you want to commit to; Your pace in determining what ‘sparks joy’; Your preparation before each session; Your willingness to continue work independently following our session(s).


Why is one KonMari™ Tidying Session up to five hours?

Typically one aession will range from three to five hours.

This amount of time is generally enough to see significant progress in any one category and very few comprehensive organising projects can be completed in less than three hours. Furthermore energy levels can often drop after five hours.

Sessions can last longer than five hours for an additional hourly fee, as detailed in the Services page.


Do I have to be present during a lesson?

Yes. Only you can determine what sparks joy and this is the time when you learn the techniques of The KonMari Method™.

Tidying is a very personal journey and requires concentration and works best when we are working one on one. It is therefore strongly advised that family members, children, others you may share a home with and pets should not be present when a session is taking place.


Do I need to prepare anything before the first session?

You are not required to prepare anything before our first session. However, to make the most of the time with Katrina, some categories benefit from prior preparation. For example, when completing the clothes category, gathering all of your clothes in one place and organising the items into piles (tops, trousers, sweaters, coats etc.) before our arrival means we can start the session immediately. Guidance on this will be supplied via email in advance of your session.


Will you make me throw things away?

No. The decision to keep or discard an item is entirely yours. Katrina only guides you to help you determine what sparks joy in your life.


What if my partner is having trouble getting on board?

Please don't worry, this is a very common concern. Start with your own things and hopefully after your partner witnesses the progress you are making, they may begin to realize and experience the benefits of surrounding themselves with only those items that spark joy for them. The positive impact of using The KonMari Method™ is inspiring.


Do I need to buy extra storage before we begin?

Katrina will help you to work with the storage that your home currently provides. There is no need to buy storage solutions ahead of your time together.


Do you provide a cleaning service?

No. Katrina teaches you how to create beautiful, organised and easy to maintain spaces. She will help you to declutter after keeping items which spark joy in your life. Katrina will motivate you during your tidying journey and teach you the skills needed to create a home which stays organised.


Are you insured?

Yes. Katrina has Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance.


Are you a member of APDO (Association of Professional Declutterers & Organisers)?

Yes. Katrina can be found on their official website.


What can I expect to gain from working with Spark Joy London?

From an emotional perspective, Katrina can lift the feeling of anxiety you may feel when you think about tackling a project, packing up for a move, clearing out your closet, preparing for the birth of a baby, clearing out your parents home, and figuring out how to get your home organised. Katrina will help you find a place for everything, reducing the likelihood that clutter will build up over time. Organising your possessions makes day-to-day living easier:

  • Getting dressed in the morning is a straight-forward process because every item of clothing has a home and is folded using a special technique to make the most of the storage space you have;
  • Katrina can transform your child’s room into one that is both fun to play in and easy to tidy up ~ children as young as three can use the KonMari Method™ to learn the positive impact of tidying up;
  • Your home office will become a welcoming, productive workspace when we organise books and papers;
  • Your living room will be comfortable and showcase sentimental items which spark joy;
  • Cutlery, utensils, crockery and food items will be organised for easy accessibility in your kitchen creating a calmer environment in which to prepare food;
  • Katrina can offer guidance on how to organise and store your sentimental items like photographs, diaries, letters and heirlooms so they spark joy in your life everyday;
  • You will become a more conscious consumer once you have evaluated and organised the contents of your home;

Katrina offers tailored, sensitive support in your tidying journey, which at times can be a very emotional, moving experience. Katrina can guide and support you in making your ideal home and lifestyle become reality.

Baby clothing drawer ~ folded using KonMari™ folding technique
KonMari™ folding technique for linen
Organised linen cupboard