Mimi’s top five tips for family healthy eating in 2019

Mimi from Mimi's Bowl

I’m excited to introduce Mimi from Mimi’s Bowl, a wonderful online community, where parents and followers share realistic and healthy food ideas, which are suitable for everyday family life. In today’s post, Miriam shares her top 5 tips for getting your family eating healthily in 2019.

As a mum of two kids, I empathise with the pressure every parent feels to get their child, or family, eating well. We are often under immense time-constraints as parents to make home cooked food from scratch. Parents regularly write to me and describe the guilt they feel about their children’s diets: they want their children to be eating healthily but don’t know where to begin. Nothing prepares you for the determined rejection of your child, repulsing at the sight of food you have made for them. I would challenge any Michelin star chef not to quake at the very thought of a child diner, sitting at their table. So, how can we as parents encourage our children to love food and eat well? Here is some of what I have learnt along the way, based on my own experiences.

1.          Eating together as a family when you can, even if this is just at the weekends. Try to make meal times relaxed and enjoyable; leave everyone enough time to enjoy their meal. Never make food a battle ground, if it’s just not working, move on and try the same foods again another time.


2.        Offer variety. This could just be the same foods prepared in different ways. Try not to get stuck in food habits or patterns: help encourage your child’s confidence in trying new foods.

Eat the rainbow


3.         Plan weekly meals to take the stress out of last-minute meal decisions. With older children, this might be something you are able to do together. You could let them choose one of their favourite meals each week, or get them involved in food shopping at one of your local shops, or food markets.


4.        Eat the rainbow: the easiest visual reminder to eat well. Include lots of portions of fruit and vegetables in your family’s diet. For babies and toddlers declare fruit and vegetables; don’t begin on the premise that they will hate all fresh produce. Make healthy food the norm.


5.         Keeping it simple: find easy recipes that work for your whole family. Cooking healthily and eating well needn’t be complicated.

If you have medical questions or concerns about food, or your child’s diet talk to your child's GP, doctor, paediatrician, a registered dietitian, or a public health nurse.

Mimi's Bowl

Miriam is the founder of Mimi’s Bowl. She cooks modern baby and toddler recipes from her home in West London. She is mum to one little girl, 4 years old, and a 6 month year old baby boy. Sharing her honest view of cooking at home whilst offering recipes and parent cooking hacks. Miriam blogs and posts daily what they eat at home, via her Instagram feed. She has just started weaning her little boy and is on a mission is to end (what she calls) “babyfood panic”. If you are looking for new parent-friendly recipes, then follow her at ~


Instagram                @mimisbowl

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Website                    https://www.mimisbowl.com/


“I wanted to reach out to other parents, who felt as I did. Firstly, to put an end to “babyfood panic” by talking about it and secondly, to really re-think babyfood and family food for a busy modern parent. There are so few relatable parent voices out there, and even less tried and tested parent friendly recipes. Only a parent, who has been there, understands the determined rejection given by your baby, toddler, or child, when they repulse at the sight of food, you have lovingly made for them. I would personally challenge any professional chef not to quake at the very thought of a baby, or toddler diner, sitting at one of their tables!” 

~ Miriam, founder Mimi’s Bowl


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