A Clutter~free Christmas

No doubt for most, in the next few weeks there will be a steady stream of new gifts and items flowing into your homes, particularly if you have mini people. But what if you’re trying to live in a state of organised bliss? Does the thought of giving a home to these additional items make you feel stressed and anxious?

If you’re worried about an overwhelming flood of new items taking up the precious space in your home, here are some tips that may help you to steady the avalanche of impending unwanted ‘stuff’ from your relatives and friends.


 1.     Ask for gifts that you and your children will truly love and cherish.

Share with them a ‘wish list’ of items you or your children may want or need. No, this isn’t impolite; on the contrary, it’s establishing a clear boundary. You have the right to protect your own living space from being filled with clutter that will never bring you or your family joy.


2.     Thank you, but we already have enough items that bring us happiness.

Explain your desire for presence over presents from your family and friends this holiday season. How would they really feel if they knew that in reality the gifts they send you are going to be a source of stress? Surely the person who gave you the gift doesn’t want you to use it out of a sense of obligation, or to put it away without using it.


3.     Experiences last longer.

If your friends and family are set on buying a gift, ask them to buy you an experience instead such as a theatre trip, concert or spa treatment. If you have children, perhaps they could fund a fun activity or buy them an annual membership to a museum, soft play or local kiddy hotspot? The thrill of receiving gifts fades quickly but the joy and memories of experiences can last a lifetime.


4.     Vouchers please.

Instead of physical items, ask for vouchers. For mini people, if your children are old enough, being given a voucher means they can decide for themselves what they’d like. Yes, your children may be slightly disappointed to see a shiny gift card staring back at them come Christmas morning but when they’re shopping for an item that they will truly love, all will be well.


5.     A charitable cause


Ask them to donate to a charity of your choice. With one in four children currently living in poverty in the UK, Christmas may be a stressful time for parents who are unable to buy their children a gift. Donating to a registered charity like Cash for Kids through their current fundraising scheme Mission Christmas means your money will be put towards buying a gift for one of these very children to receive on Christmas Day. And what better feeling is there than creating joy in the lives of others?


Christmas is a time of giving. Give your time. Give your presence. Give your thanks. And give yourself the confidence to share with your family and friends how they can support you in your efforts to reduce the potential clutter this Christmas.