What is it like to live in a KonMari home?

The KonMari Method™ is so much more than just tidying. It’s a way of life. Once you have completed the five KonMari™ categories to declutter and organise your things, the next step is maintaining your KonMari™ style of living and to embrace the opportunities that arise from having more time and a renewed sense of confidence in yourself.

Katrina invites you into her home and shares her own KonMari™ journey, and how it has had a positive impact on her life.

Romeo was born at home in May 2016

Romeo was born at home in May 2016

His baby sister, Hermione, was born at home in December 2017

His baby sister, Hermione, was born at home in December 2017

I came across the book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo when I was pregnant with our first child. My husband and I followed The KonMari Method™ and it took us four months to complete our tidying marathon and put our house in order. As we were planning a home birth, it was important to me to feel secure, calm and organised in our surroundings when I went into labour. We have had two successful home births and I’m so grateful to have found this book at the right time in my life. I’d like to share some of the spaces of our home with you and how we continue to use the KonMari Method™ each day.

Katrina's wardrobe ~ Lily Sawyer Photography

Category One ~ Clothes

When my husband and I started the first KonMari™ category, we were working full time so we allocated blocks on time on the weekend to tidy. Marie Kondo recommends starting tidying first thing in the morning, when you’re fresh to face the day.

Swoop to the right.png

Clothes was the most challenging category for me. I loved to shop and I had over 10 years worth of items in my wardrobe to prove it! I used to store my summer wardrobe in two suitcases when it was winter and switch them over when the seasons changed. Following my spark joy checks, I now have all of my clothes, shoes and accessories stored in one place. This makes getting ready in the morning simple. My clothes swoop up the right, giving me more storage on the bottom right hand side of my wardrobe. Heavier, longer items are stored on the left, progressing up to shorter, lighter items on the right.

Mr Hassan's wardrobe ~ Lily Sawyer Photography

My husband didn’t find the clothes category as challenging as I did. He was quite ruthless in deciding which items he wanted to keep moving forward. Apart from the items that require folding, all of his clothing exists in this one space. Through KonMari™, we learnt to adorn our living spaces with sentimental items that spark joy. In my husband’s wardrobe, he displays a frame from his mother which makes him smile every time he opens his wardrobe doors.

Underwear & Socks drawers ~ Lily Sawyer Photography
Drawers ~ Lily Sawyer Photography
Jumper Drawer ~ Lily Sawyer Photography

Underwear and Socks

I fold my underwear and store them so I can see every item at a glance. This is a key principle of the KonMari Method™. My husband’s sock drawer features next to my underwear drawer, containing a few cigars ~ you can store sentimental items in a sock drawer too!


My collection totalled to 40 when I first started my journey. I’ve kept 10 which spark joy and fit me well. As I’ve reduced the amount significantly, I can organise them ‘Victoria Secret’ style, dedicating a whole drawer to them. Marie advises we ‘store bras like royalty’ (Spark Joy, pg. 104) and I have to admit, it certainly feels like they have elevated status in this space!

Tops & Jumpers

Through KonMari™, we fold as many items as possible. Not only does this free up space, it allows us to see every item we own immediately. I colour code as much as possible because this helps me to remember a clear visual. Whenever I’m tempted to buy something new, I am able to recall the contents of my drawer and make an informed decision. One of the benefits of using the KonMari Method™ is that it can make you a more mindful consumer.