KonMari™ Category One ~ Clothes


The KonMari Method™ starts with sorting your clothes. Whether or not you’re aiming for a capsule wardrobe, Katrina works with clients to keep the items that spark joy and create a wardrobe, which is well organised and beautiful. 

Clothes ~ Category One
The power of the pile ~ The KonMari Method™ for clothes begins!

The Power of the Pile

Our first step is to locate all of your clothing. We remove all clothing items from your wardrobe and drawers and put them all in one place. Clothing items that are stored in different locations in your home (for example, those which are kept in the attic, porch or under the stairs) are also brought to this spot. We call this 'the power of the pile' ~ it's often shocking at first to see just how many clothing items you own. 

Spark Joy Check

What sets The KonMari Method™ apart from others is its focus on what to keep in your life, not what to discard or declutter. For each item we own, we start by asking ourselves a question: ‘Does this spark joy?’ Katrina will encourage you to take each item in your hands one by one and become aware of how your body responds. She will advise you on how to become sensitive to the changes that occur in your body, rather than your mind. We only start with the ‘spark joy’ question, and if the answer is ‘yes’, you will need to ask yourself a few more questions to determine whether to keep the item like: does it fit? Does it make me feel good when I wear it? When was the last time I wore it? Do I have duplicate or similar items and do I really need all of them?

Folding using The KonMari Method™


The KonMari Method™ focuses on folding clothes, as it is the main storage method. Folding items allows you to make the most of your storage space, reduces creases if done properly and allows you to see at a glance all that you own when you open a drawer or cupboard. Once you’ve become more confident with the folding technique, Katrina can show you how to adapt the number of folds to match the height of most drawers or storage spaces.


There is no need to purchase any additional storage before we work together. As we go through the categories, you will find that you already have many storage solutions in your home. Thanks to the KonMari™ folding technique, most items can be stored in baskets and boxes too. 

When storing clothing in your wardrobe, items are arranged by height with heavier, longer items on the left and lighter, shorter items on the right. Some clients enjoy arranging their colours in rainbow colour order whilst others prefer grouping like items together (for example, shirts, then trousers, then dresses etc.). 

Clothes swoop up to the right using The KonMari Method™
Folded items can be stored on a shelf
Katrina's wardrobe ~ organised using The KonMari Method™