KonMari™ Category Five ~ Sentimental Items


The final category in The KonMari Method™, and often the toughest to tackle, is sentimental items. Sentimental items include but are not limited to: photographs and albums; journals and diaries; memorabilia and souvenirs; scrapbooks; personal letters; heirlooms; and trophies.

Sentimental Items ~ Courtesy of Gulaliku
Photographs ~ Taken from Unsplash

Keeping sentimental items which spark joy

If you've completed all four categories prior to this in full, your spark joy check is more refined, and therefore you're better prepared to decide what to do with the items closest to your heart. This can be an emotional process and Katrina will sensitively guide you go through each sentimental subcategory. Like in previous KonMari™ categories, you will take each item in your hands and decide whether you'd like to keep it. Often, people find the subcategory of photographs very difficult. Katrina is skilled in taking you through a unique selection process and will help you to understand the reasons to why you have held on to these items for so long. The memories are not within the photographs, they are within us whether we keep the item or let go of them. 

Children's artwork and greeting cards

Our children's work created at home and school is extensive. It's often hard to part with these items. Katrina can offer advice on how best to store children's artwork once you have completed your spark joy check. When it comes to greeting cards, the same spark joy check applies and you've decided to keep those cards that spark joy, Katrina can lead you through how best to store these items so that they continue to spark joy in your life. 


There are some items which bring you joy just by looking at them or from feeling them in your hands. This could be a diary you wrote as a teenager decorated with your favourite stickers; a hairclip or bowtie from your wedding day; or a cuddly toy you’ve had since childhood. So why store them away in a protective case or box? Katrina can help you display them so you can see them; so they can spark joy in your life every day.

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